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Want to learn more about Turbotito, his music, and his tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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In an age of accelerating technology, it's easier than ever to make things perfect. Mobile devices take flawless photos. Algorithms match our particular preferences. And even in the world of music software makes it possible to create unerring tracks – where by technical standards songs are made clear-cut and precise. But Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and multi instrumentalist Turbotito is going the opposite direction. Rather than using the machine to manufacture hyper-perfection, he's using it to deliberately leave the blemishes in. It's the impetus of his forthcoming debut album: by embracing natural imperfections, his brand of electronic/dance paradoxically becomes more human – it's “electronic music with life – or dare I say soul,” he explained.

Turbotito aka Filip Nikolic is no stranger to the music community. He's known for his role in Ima Robot, Poolside and Djosos Krost, plus his work collaborating with and producing artists such as Goodie Mob, Pabllo Vittar, GZA of Wu-Tang Clan, MNKYBSNSS, Pabllo Vittar, Azealia Banks, Bonde Do Role, Baby Alpaca and many more. Raised in both Denmark and Serbia, he discovered music as a child. “My parents got me learning music at a very early age,” he said. “I was mostly playing piano but then when I discovered Jimi Hendrix I switched to guitar.” When his high school band Ludox won the Danish Rock Championship in '96, the group used the prize money to finance an EP. Soon after they relocated to Copenhagen, where he took up production and studio engineering – “I got obsessed with electronic music.”

In many ways the debut album from Turbotito was years in the making. Having spent significant time writing for and recording other artists, he's now shifting focus to his solo work, culling upon two decades of experience as a producer and multi-instrumentalist. His new record takes modern electronic/dance and fuses it with an organic touch. By resuscitating nostalgic feelings of the 60s and 70s, the new material converges today's digital world with our analog past. Incorporating real instruments with dance and integrating linear song structures, it leaves plenty of room for mistakes – which he insists is a vital component to his music. “Computers make it easy to make perfect music these days. So I put a lot of effort into leaving mistakes cause I think it gives the music a human touch.”

Turbotito's debut album is due out this year. The first single "Till The End" came out in March backed with a remix from Filip's new band Information Center...

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